Lip Training

Together we will train your lips to accept the fillers without distorting them. This is a gradual process that maintains and enhances the natural anatomy of your lips.

$99 Lip Augmentation Membership

We know your first time can be scary. The $99 Lip augmentation trial is a service offered by Dr Frank DiMauro aka Dr. Lips, Boston. The Goal us to provide a SAFE, AFFORDABLE AND AESTHETIC lip augmentation experience.


The $99 lips Augmentation is designed to show how painless a lip augmentation can be using The Dr. Lips technology.


Not all lip augmentations are the same and neither are the costs. Try our entry level lip augmentation to see for yourself how affordable lip augmentation can be!


You will be amazed at how aesthetic your lips will look with the Dr. Lips method of lip augmentation. Accurate lip design and precise placement of FDA approved lip filler will result in your optimal aesthetic lip augmentation.

Lip Training

Design the lips of your dreams in our 2-step training process a description about this category

$99 Lip Augmentation Intro

After your personal lip consult – You and your Dr. Frank will choose one of the 8 lip styles that most suits your personal style.

Create a training schedule

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the lips of your dreams. Your Dr. Lips and you will develop a lip training program to shape and form your lips to your desired aesthetic outcome. The process is a natural and progressive augmentation regime, allowing for maximum aesthetic result. This protocol developed exclusively by Dr. Lips allows for you to go right back to your everyday life without fear of swollen distorted lips.

Lip Maintenance

Now that you have them, this is how you keep them.

Maintaining your lip style is a foundation of the Dr. Lip® experience. With the appropriate maintenance schedule, you can preserve your Dr. Lip® Style.