Radiesse and Sculptra are materials within this group. This is a group of fillers that promote growth of collagen. This group may have displacement properties in the short term, but are made to leave permanent results.

What are biostimulators?

Biostimulators are products that are designed to help your body create collagen to restore volume.

Areas that work well with these are temples, cheeks, jawline and lower face.

There are many different kinds of both of these products, each with its own unique qualities. It is very important to know your injector and their level of expertise when you are considering these types of procedures. It is truly an art that is developed over time and education. We will customize your consult and treatment plan to fit your individual needs to help you on your anti-aging journey.

With most of these procedures there is always the possibility of bruising, redness and some level of swelling. Each of these things are very individual. An after-care sheet will be giving to each client at the end of their visit.