About Dr. Lips®

Outside-In. Inside-Out. One You.

Understanding how the teeth, lips, and muscles of the face interact to create a beautiful smile, lips, and face is finally captured by dentist Dr. Robert Gordon, author of Vermillion Dollar Lips. Dr. Robert Gordon has written the first book on lip augmentation and developed a classification system for the lips, including eight signature lip styles: Classic, Rubina, Cupid, Hollywood, Pearlique, and Angelic.

Dr. Frank’s passion to master facial aesthetics has led him to Dr. Robert Gordon. Dr. Frank DiMauro approaches the artistic side of dentistry as well as lip and perioral augmentation.

A master dentist can interview, diagnose, educate, develop a treatment plan, and technically execute complicated dentistry. Dr. Frank has completed advanced training at the Dawson Academy, Piper Perc., the Pankey Institute, and Spear Education. Dr. Frank is a visiting faculty member at the Spear Education Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.Dr. Frank has been trained and licensed by Dr. Gordon to provide Dr. Lips eight signature lip styles, cheek styles, and Zone Aesthetica treatments. Dr. Frank has the skills to combine cosmetic dentistry with lip and perioral augmentation for his patients. Dr. Frank DiMauro has personally trained and has the sole license to provide these lip styles to Boston North Shore.

Dr. Frank J. DiMauro is a trained Dr. Lips® provider who provides lip and facial augmentation, such as Botox® and fillers.

The Dr. Lips® Method offers a complete comprehensive cosmetic exam for the lip, oral and facial areas to maximize your augmentation results, which may include cosmetic dental restorations. Cosmetic dental restorations may consist of veneers, crowns, bleaching, orthodontics or Orthognathic surgery options.

Lips belong to the lower third of the face. This area exhibits the most emotion in the entire facial expressive range. This area of the face is mainly influenced by genetic trait variations and environmental influences.