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Skin Care Treatments

We proudly offer result-oriented skin care treatments that are customized to meet your individual concerns and help you achieve optimum skin health.

Omnilux Light Treatments

Omnilux Light Treatments stimulate cells involved in repair of the skin and increases blood flow. These treatments can be used to enhance and improve other skin treatments such as chemical peels, laser treatments and facials to speed up tissue regeneration.

Laser Treatments

Result-oriented facial treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs, target specific concerns and help restore optimum skin health. A detailed skin consultation precedes each treatment plan to ensure maximum results.

Dr Lips Boston

the Dr. Lips method com ines the art and science of treatment planning. this is guided by the discipline of esthetics, the understanding of geometric forms, and reproducing the heights of contours provides a design for your face of today and tomorrow.

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